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Security Services

At Corps Security, we firmly believe that security is unique and quite unlike any other service. To be effective it requires expertise, skill, professionalism and dedication.
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About Us

Corps Security was founded in 1859 by Captain Sir Edward Walter, as a way to provide employment for ex-servicemen on return from the Crimean War.
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Corps Security is always looking for new operational staff of all levels and experience to help service our new and existing Security contracts.
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Why Choose Us

  • … because we are Security Specialists
    We believe that security is unlike any other procured service and only a specialist can provide the best possible solution to keep people, property and assets safe.

  • … because we offer Innovative Solutions
    We are experts at integrating physical guarding with product technology to provide the most effective and cost efficient service possible.

  • … because we employ the Best People
    We invest in our employees to ensure they are the most highly trained, effective officers in their field, and we have the best levels of staff retention in the industry.

  • … because we have Heritage
    We have 155 years of experience in this industry, which has helped to shape our future.


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